Medical and Auricular Acupuncture:
Medical acupuncture is a variation of one of the oldest forms of therapy. It is based on the theories and techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but is used primarily to treat musculoskeletal conditions commonly seen in a physiotherapy and massage clinic. Some of the conditions treated include:

• Joint pain including pain from osteoarthritis and overuse injuries
• Swelling
• Headaches, neck and back pain
• Sprains and strains
• Pseudo-sciatica



Auricular acupuncture is acupuncture using points located on the ear. The theory behind this technique is that the entire body can be mapped on the ear and by applying needles to the corresponding body part mapped on the ear, a therapeutic effect will occur.
Both forms of acupuncture have been shown to help treat several conditions and provide alternative treatment options for those looking for a holistic approach to their healthcare.